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UI/UX + frontend development (eng)

    • Jane
      Thursday, March 1, 2018, 6:15 PM
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      Loop11 - online user testing tool

      • User Video & Audio Recordings

        Gain greater insight by seeing what your users are doing & hear what they think. Download, share & annotate your recordings.
      • Test on Desktop, Phone & Tablet

        You need to be able to test everywhere your users are. We don’t
        make you choose. Learn about supported devices.
      • Codeless Website & Prototype Testing

        Great for live website user testing or running participants through
        your InVision designed prototype. See supported prototyping tools.
      • Quantitative Insights Done Properly

        Our strength has always been with big data, Task success, lostness metrics, heatmaps, NPS, SUS, time on task, page counts & more...
      • More Than Just User Testing

        Why stop at simple user testing? We let you run accessibility tests, competitive benchmarking & findability studies. See all you can do.